M3C Clinic: Challenges and fixes
12th Symposium of the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences

M3C Clinic: Challenges and fixes

Your opportunity to get engaged in a free early career researcher workshop to learn and exchange good practice in modelling has been extended. Make use of this opportunity and submit your challenge to be discussed in the workshop

Measurement, Monitoring, Modelling and Control (M3C) are essential parts of the Quality by Design (QbD) approach and their correct application can help speed up bioprocess development. However, there are still several challenges, particularly at the early stages of involvement in M3C.

Do you have data that is difficult to handle? Can't decide on what models to use? Do you have too much or too little data? Can't decide on which analytical technique to use for monitoring or how to interpret the data? Do you have issues in scale up and/or scale down of bioprocesses?

Then the M3C clinic is the workshop for you! If you are venturing into this field or expert early stage researchers, then we invite you to the M3C clinic. The aim of this workshop is to facilitate discussions addressing the challenges faced during real-time application and implementation of M3C related aspects relevant to your research.

Please be so kind to send your challenge by email to the ESBES symposium office and indicate the reference 'M3C clinic workshop'. The following information is required :
paper title
•    250-word abstract
•    authors information (gender, first + family name, company, city, country, email address)

Deadline for abstract submission is 31st August 2018.

Several selected challenges will be announced by 17th August 2019 and you can discuss them with other bioprocess experts at the M3C clinic held on 9th September 2018 during ESBES 2018 (Sunday M3C workshop).

Why you should attend this workshop:

  1. Share your most pressing challenges within an M3C area 
  2. Learn about state of the art advances in M3C
  3. Gain insights into creative application of ideas from a multidisciplinary perspective
  4. Share your eureka moments with peers who could apply them in their research

 Please indicate into which of the following areas your challenge fits best:

  1. Instrumentation for process monitoring
  2. Data management
  3. Modelling and control
  4. Experimental design
  5. Scale up and scale down

This workshop is organised by the early career researchers of the MSCA-ETN Biorapid, initiated by M3C section.